Different types of hard drive crashes by humans

Most companies that provide data recovery services like hard drive data recovery, raid data recovery and many more have experienced that most of the data recovery problems occurred due to human-caused problems. There are many times when a data loss happened, and the reason was not a human, but most of the time, it happens through the hands of a human only. Most of the time, it happens due to negligence and accident.
Here are the major reasons for data loss.
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1) Falling
Most of the time, if a data loss has happened within a phone, or a hard drive, or even a laptop, it happened due to the falling of the storage system by the human. It mostly happens mistakenly when the user is either thinking of something else or bumps into another person. Sometimes many people think of a storage system to be very light in weight, which also causes falling storage systems. Most of the time, when a storage system falls onto the ground from a medium height, it crashes and doesn't let the user either access the data or show that the data is deleted. In cases like these, the data recovery professional can help recover the data by accessing the data that has been deleted if another file does not overwrite it.
2) Intentional Throwing
Many times people throw the storage system intentionally due to many reasons like:
· Angry about something that is either related to or not related to the storage system.
· Sometimes, there are evil motives involved to throw a storage system that can start problems for another person that the thrower hates.
· Many times, a person throws someone else's storage system for revenge or due to jealousy in many cases.
· Sometimes an employer throws a hard drive of their work if they have been removed from the company and for similar reasons
Intentional throwing is the most common data recovery problem. If the storage system is not too damaged, then the chances of data recovery are possible only if you take it to a good company with professionals. Not only will they help you in recovering most of your data back, but they will do it very quickly and that too at a reasonable price.
Although if the damage has been too much on the storage system like if it has been burned or most of the parts are not available or even if they are crushed in too many pieces, the chances of data recovery decrease; however, you can still try to go to a company and ask if it is possible to recover your data back.

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