Barriers for the immigrant childrens

If you have ever read tales from immigrants or even heard some immigration podcasts, you may know how hard most of their life is.
The immigrant experience is mostly depressing, and not only the parents suffer, but the children they already have or are going to have in the future also suffer from various problems in their lifetime. From the beginning of their childhood, they suffer from various problems that may shock you. Here are the most common ones:
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1) Poverty
Poverty is one of the major barriers that have stopped many immigrant children's growths in most countries. Due to poverty, not only won't they get the proper education, but they will also have a problem getting the precise medical attention they need. Due to this, many children will have a problem growing up, and they will move farther away from people that are moving in the line of success. They will have a harder time getting familiar with different customs that are more used in their country and will also be treated unequally by fellow members of the society.
2) Language Barriers
Many immigrant children don't understand and properly grasp English or any other language that is most spoken in their new lives. This happens because, at home, their family members speak their own language, which creates barriers for them in later life.
E.g. - if a child has a stomach ache or goes through the problem of not getting proper sleep, he or she can't properly explain this condition to the doctor. If the doctor doesn't understand their problems properly, how will the doctor help the child?
Almost half of the immigrant children suffer from one disease or the other because they can't easily get accustomed to the city's weather and food habits. Due to the family's poor condition, they will have a problem in getting medical attention and will have a bad future. Because of only a little education and unhealthy well-being, it would be very hard for them to survive in this competitive world, and they will face many hard challenges which are very tough to face.
Not only this, but many immigrant children have to start working for money from a very early age so that they could help their families in poor condition. This not only stops their education growth but will also prevent them from getting them a good job later in life. Because of the poor education, most of them have to work as laborers in different factories and buildings where they are underpaid. All of their life, they have to work for money that can only provide them food and not many luxuries.

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